Maintenance Agreements

Our maintenance agreements are the "hallmark" of all the services we offer. Everything new starts with a factory "start up" and regular preventive maintenance will keep your investment in tip-top operation. After all, properly installed and maintained equipment will function more efficiently, last longer and save you money!

We'll customize a maintenance plan to suit your needs that can include a wide-range of equipment. For peace of mind, contact us for a quote today!

Why Maintenance is Important

The annual maintenance of your equipment reduces the likelihood of a malfunction occurring when you need it the most, and preventing these problems and unwanted costs is critical. When equipment breaks down on those "Design Condition Days", you can end up paying substantially more in terms of convenience and the cost of repair.

Customers have demanded high-efficiency equipment and the only way to achieve this is regular maintenance. Consider the fact that your furnace runs 7,000 hours per season on average and your air conditioning about 400 hours per season. Would you go 7,000 miles without an oil change or maintenance on your car?

What's In it For You, The Customer

  • Peace of Mind – The most likely malfunctions that could occur are prevented, eliminating downtime.
  • Priority Service – Customers with a maintenance agreement will receive priority service over others without a plan.
  • Familiarity with Your Equipment – Once we maintain your equipment, we have a record of it. Having this information can help you in an emergency.
  • Same Service Technician – In many cases, you can have the same technician that you are comfortable with.
  • We Remember For You – You have a busy schedule, so do what you do best and allow us to remember to remind you when its time.
  • Knowledgeable Technicians – Rest assured that our technicians know your equipment and are well-trained.

Want to Know More?

Contact us for a complete list of all the things included in our maintenance plan. It’s quite extensive. Maintenance plans are available for any and all forced air furnaces, cast iron boilers, condensing boilers, air conditioners, heat pumps, humidifiers, and electronic air cleaners.

For our commercial customers, we can advise and set up a recommended program with the proper number of visits based on how your equipment is used, with upfront, guaranteed pricing for each visit.

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—Dennis · Depew, NY

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