Pricing & Payment Options

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Flat Rate Pricing

Did you know that you pay flat rate pricing for many services already and maybe you are not aware of it? When you go to your doctor, you pay for an office visit, then they send you for testing and you pay for that, and then you go to the pharmacy and you pay for your prescription. You may come back to the doctor’s office the following week and repeat the process.

We use flat rate pricing for everything we do. There is a small, upfront diagnostic fee that the customer agrees to pay. Once we find the source of the problem, a Flat Rate Price is given to make the correction. If the customer does not want to move forward with the repair, they simply pay the diagnostic fee and we thank you for considering our offer.

Our Flat Rate Pricing is derived from a national company that has established standard costs for a particular task and part cost. This way, you as the customer are protected. If during the service there is an undiscovered issue, further pricing will be provided for the customer’s approval. This gives the customer complete control over their costs.

Credit Cards Accepted

We accept most major credit cards such as VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Tell us in advance if you plan to use another card. However, we offer a discount to those who prefer to pay by cash or check.

Payment Options

Sometimes, people prefer to finance their purchases for sheer convenience or because the need for new equipment or repair comes at a tough time. We offer 12 months same as cash or traditional financing for both new equipment and repairs. Call us for further details. Unsecured loans can usually be approved in 15 minutes or you can be pre-approved in advance. Whatever your needs, we are here to help.

Free Estimates 

We offer free estimates for the purchase of new equipment from the vast selection of products we offer. As part of the estimate for a furnace or air conditioner, we include a thorough heat loss/cooling gain load analysis to assure you that the right equipment selection is made. It’s your guarantee of reliability and performance of the equipment.

Ken’s work is exceptional – what a positive approach to his profession.

—Phil · Williamsville, NY

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